"Link to current document" error message

Whenever I try to use the “Link to current document” script, (Scripts>DEVONthinkPro>Link to current document) I get the error message as per screen shot.

Any ideas what is going wrong and hoe to alleviate the problem would be much appreciated. Thanks

This script will index the current document that is open in an external editor, while that editor has the focus. For example, if you create a document in TextEdit, save that document to that desktop, and run Link to Current Document while you have that document open in TextEdit, then DEVONthink will index the document in your database at the location chosen in Preferences > Import > Destination.

The script will fail if you run the script without the having an already-saved document open in a scriptable application. If not “already-saved” then there is no document in the file system to index. If not “scriptable” then the current application that has the focus has no idea what to do. The script does not test for these conditions and so you can get a range of errors, or no error, depending on the application you are using when you run the script. E.g., it works fine in TextEdit, Sublime Text says it has no idea what you want to do, Word fails silently, other apps complain. It’s a somewhat fragile script meant to be use in limited contexts – but it does work under the right conditions. I can confirm that.

So, what app were you running when you got that error?

Thanks for your reply and that will probably explain it as I was trying to link from a Safari webpage! Obviously this is not the right script to use!!! I realise that now as a webpage is not a document :blush: How do I get a link to a webpage into DEVONthink Pro Office?

Thanks for your help and patience.


Well, you could use Clip to DEVONthink – Format: Bookmark

I knew I was missing something from the latest version of DTPO, I had forgotten to download the Bookmarklets! As usual form thank you for your perspicacity and ever helpful suggestions. :smiley:

While this can be accomplished with the Bookmarklet, korm was mentioning the Clip To DEVONthink browser extension more specifically.

If you click the Toolbar button, you can press Command-3 to quickly switch to Bookmark as the capture output.

@Allsop == that’s the Clip to DEVONthink button in the browser toolbar :smiley: