Link to DT entry from external application


I would like to link to DTP folders, texts etc from other applications.

Example: when entering an appointment into iCal, I would like to link to a certain DTP entry using the URL field within iCal.
Is that possible? If not, this could be a useful feature. Also, it would not necessarily have to be a link to a specific entry; I would also be happy to have a general link which opens a DTP search window containing keywords defined by that link.

Thanks for your help! And sorry if I did not select the correct forum…



It seems that it should be possible using the x-devonthink protocol helper, as is done in the bookmarklets.

Unfortunately the “URL” syntax for this is not documented. It might be nice if you could link something like x-devonthink://My Group/My Record but I can’t get this to work.

That’s not possible yet.