Link to external file on HD

I was trying to use the command under data new link and then typing the file path to a file on the local HD to generate a way to access files that currently cannot be read by devonthink.

If I use the same path in safari:


it brings me to the file in a finder window.

In devon nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for the help.

Using Data > Launch Path should do what you want to do.

This option is always grayed out, so what is wrong? Should I load an URL and the go on launch path?

This can be only used to open documents/files, not to open folders in the Finder.

In my case the option launch path is always grayed out.

I was trying to link a file that cannot be opened by the devonthink import filter, aka a data file from one of the many data processing apps. we are using Igor or ProFit, for example).

My plan was to replace a lab notebook by a devonthink database. In this database, I would track/note the progress of the analysis by writing into rtf pages, where I would include graphics but also links, so that the data opens in the respective external program.

You should be able to add any file to the database, e.g. via File > Index. In addition, ensure that the support for Unknown File Types is enabled (see Preferences > Import) if you’re indexing/importing folders.