Link to files folders outside of DT

Can you put a link in an RTF document to point to a file or folder on the hard drive?

Yes, as long as the link is in a URL format such as this URL to a document named ‘Test.rtf’ located on my Desktop. Note that the document will open in the native app for that file type, just as if you had double-clicked the document in the Finder.


Thanks Greg.
Can you drag the file from the finder into the edit link box?
thanks again

I don’t think so. Dragging a document from the Finder to the Link Destination pane in DT will give you a Unix path, and clicking on the link will attempt to open the path as a URL in Safari.

Just drag & drop files from the Finder while pressing Command-Option modifier keys. This will insert a link into rich text documents.


I thought you had to use the Link function. I was creating a new rich text, then typed a name in the text, then highlighted the text, pressed the link button, then physically type in this format:

[file://localhost/users/joeboy/documents/main/pdf](file://localhost/users/joeboy/documents/main/pdf) files/financial/

for all the links…

Thanks so much