Link to Finder document without indexing

I wonder whether I can create a link to a document lying on my hard disk without indexing that document in DT.

One solution I tried was to select some text and go to “Format>Add Link”, where I linked the selected text to a URL such as: file:///User/Myself/Documents/filename.txt

The problem with this arrangement is that it does not work when filenames contain space characters: spaces are replaced by %20 in the URL.

Any ideas?

Many thanks.

Assuming that your document is named ‘file name’ (with a space), if you enter the link as ‘file://localhost/User/Myself/Documents/file%20name.txt’ it will link properly to the document in the Finder.

Aha! Thank you very much.

Here’s another way to create a link to an external file:

Select the file in the Finder. Option-Command-Drag it and drop it at the cursor insertion point in a rich text document (DEVONnote or DEVONthink).

Tip: After selecting the Finder document, begin the drag, then press and hold down the Option and Command keys for the rest of the file’s journey to drop into the rich text note.