"link" to hard copy

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help.

I am currently evaluating DT but have a question on functionality.

I want to scan every incoming piece of correspondence into DT, but, for various reasons, do not want to destroy the hard copy. I would like to file every hard copy into lever arch files each document having a unique number.

Ideally, that number would be added to the file in DT, so that when I locate the file in DT I can use that number to find the hard copy in my filing cabinet.

I guess I can do that by tags, but I’ll just end up with hundreds of, and ever increasing, unique tabs.

Is there any other way of achieving this?

How about adding the filing number as a suffix to the Name of the scanned document? The numeric string will be searchable in Name searches.

If you see a document, it’s filing code is immediately visible, so that you know where to find the original paper copy.

Likewise, if you have the paper copy with its filing code, you can do a Name search of the open database(s) to find its digital counterpart, using the filing code in the query.

That’s brilliantly simple; why didn’t I think of that?!

Many thanks.