Link to indexed files, WITH edited link name

I have a large number of PDFs in Papers, which are indexed into DTPO.

I can easily create a new .rtf, cut and paste some text from one of the indexed PDFs, and paste it into the .rtf.

I can then go back and create a link to the page from which I copied, and paste it into the .rtf.

What I would like to be able to do is twofold:

  1. Change the visible name of the link so that it matches the full title of the paper, or its reference (ie, Author, Title, Journal, Date), AND

  2. Have the link move me exactly to the extracted/copied text.

Any thoughts on how to do this?

BTW, I don’t use Skim, but given the amount of discussion about Skim on these forums, I would use it if it can achieve the above.


Renaming the text of links in rich texts shouldn’t change the URL. You could check this by using Format > Edit Link… before/after renaming.

Thanks much, Christian.

Perhaps I am missing something obvious, but I would like to be able to copy and paste the name and/or authors of a citation into that link. I have tried, but can’t maintain the link if I paste over it.

Is there an easy way to do this?


Alright-think I’ve got it!

Start with article->Right-click->Copy page link->Go to .rtf->Paste->Go back to article->Copy desired text->Go back to .rtf->Select link by dragging->‘Paste with current style’

Now that I have that in hand, I would like to improve the workflow. After I create the new .rtf, I open the link in a new tab by command-click. Is there a keyboard shortcut to switch between these tabs to allow me to copy and paste with less mousing?


And if I cannot switch between tabs with the keyboard, I have an alternate workflow, with a simple question:

I can right-click and copy a page link from each of pages 1 through 4 of an article, and paste each consecutively into my .rtf.

I then click on the link for each page, which takes me to the corresponding page of the article. I copy the text I want, then use ‘command-[’ to go back to the .rtf, then select the link by dragging, then ‘Paste with current style.’

Now, this all works, with one exception: if I go to the title page of the article, then use ‘command-[’ to go back, I get back to the .rtf. But if I go to any other page of the article, I get the title page with my first ‘command-[,’ and then have to repeat the keyboard shortcut to get back to the .rtf.


The shortcuts depend on the localization, see commands Window > Select Previous/Next Tab.