Link to line for EPUB

The ability to create a link to a specific line of an unpaginated document (like EPUB file) would be very helpful. I know that workarounds have been intensely discussed here, yet I still would like to pitch this feature. The text search on an epub already seems to work line-based, making this feature seemingly feasible.

Epub is basically HTML. Linking to HTML elements requires them to have an ID. Linking to “a specific line” in an Epub would require this line (and presumably all other lines) to have an ID. I doubt that this is feasible.
FWIW, this has already been discussed here

Its definitely feasible since the internal text search provides the line number of the result. Although I agree it wouldn’t be an anchor link, since no id. I was thinking of an extension of the x-devonthink-… link format.

Such link would be useless for unpaginated documents that are most likely to be edited in the future, but for epubs and webarchives this is a tempting idea.