Link To pop up

Another thing that’d be great… also a question of consistency (I think).
If I want to link a certain phrase to another document, I can choose “Link To” from the context menu. This is good.
But then I get a huge list of everything in the current database.
But if I choose a note, and select “Move To” or “Replicate To” or “Duplicate To” I get something different, a handier list that includes “Recent Destinations” on top.
Is there a way to include “Recent Destinations” in the pop up that you get from “Link To”?


Not yet. Do you link to the same destinations multiple times? Or do you want the same destinations as in the Move/Replicate/Duplicate To menus?

I suppose I mean that the Groups to which I have recently linked are likely to be the Groups in which the file I wish to link will be found. I don’t know how to express it, but somehow rooting through the whole database to link to another file in the same group as the previous link gets a bit tiresome.
What happens with “Replicate To” etc. seems good. It recognises that you might be wanting to replicate to a recently invoked Group. If not, of course, one can go hunting through the whole database.
Is that clear-ish?


Thanks for the additional info! Anyone else interested in linking to recent destinations/groups?

I’m interested even if I wouldn’t necessarily use it right away.

Yup. Seems like a good idea to me.

I think this comes in handy. If I deal with a file and move/replicate it I sometimes consider a link somewhere (before the file gets out of sight and mind). Till now I used cmd-opt-draging for this because the Link menu was slower. Recent items in the Link menu will speed it up.


Now it’s getting complicated - do you want recent destinations like in the Move/Replicate/Duplicate To menus or recent files? The second possibility is unlikely.

Ooops. You are right. I did not realize that my thoughts are going much further than Declan’s suggestion. Put my one into the maybe in some future update group.