Link To / Relationship Ideas


I would love to see the following, especially as someone who is referencing info from many places, within a very complex and broad area, trying to keep interconnectedness not only between documents, but also between specific information and ideas.

If you can develop the concept of relationships (more sophisticated version of links), it would be a very powerful knowledge capture and discovery addition (I guess it would evolve DevonThink to be closer to an ontological knowledge representation tool, in addition to document management).

For example:

  • Example type user could creates: supports, refutes, expands upon
  • Link from: location in document, even better, highlight w/in document
  • Link to: location in document, even better, highlight w/in document
  • Tag relationships
  • Add notes to relationships
  • Awesome would be the ability to link to/from locations and highlighted sections w/in a kindle book.

This could Devon Think additional differentiation from OSX doc mgt, especially when Mavericks comes out with Tags

Thanks for listening!

PS: For now I would settle for a simple “link to document location” feature :slight_smile:

Interesting ideas – perhaps for the (very) long run. I would snap up that software in an instant.

But, I believe you have described a niche product that no developer in the consumer space is currently providing – at least not to the extent you have specified. One would wonder if there is enough of a market to justify the development cost.

For now – have you considered other options? Tinderbox or The Brain, for example. In both cases, notes (Tinderbox) or thoughts (The Brain) can link back to DEVONthink documents.

The previews of Mavericks tags do not look nearly as flexible as what DEVONthink does, IMO.

Korm, thanks for your thoughts.

I do agree that this could be a bit “Nichey” … I tried the brain, but it just not as effective for managing all of my docs/info/etc as DevonThink.

Here are some thoughts for in between:

  1. Link to location in target document.
  2. Link to page range in target document
  3. Link to highlighted section in target document
    … Example, I am keeping a list of key thoughts in a document. For a particular
    … thoughts, Say I have supporting information in highlighted sections of 8 other
    … documents. Maybe right click the thought, and then select “Show related clips”, and
    … up could pop a window showing all of the related clips.
  4. Bi-directional links (“Show incoming links”)
  5. Tag ability to tag links

I would be one happy camper with those capabilities :slight_smile:



Thanks for pointing out the existence of Tinderbox. I bought it several days ago, and it is unbelievably powerful. It is exactly what I was looking for. I will have to figure out the best way to integrate it with DevonThinks outstanding document management capabilities, and I should be set.

However, Devon folks, if you decide to implement

  1. Link from doc-location to doc-location
  2. Link from highlighted-section to highlighted-section

… I would die a happy man.


Steve, you’ll find helpful threads on using DEVONthink with Tinderbox on this forum and over at Eastgate’s Tinderbox forum. There are utility scripts posted here and there - I’ve posted a few, Mark Anderson has posted many - and various workflow suggestions. Be patient with Tinderbox. It is a blank canvas with enormous, but unusual, capabilities. I suspect that when version 6 of Tinderbox is released, using contemporary OS X capabilities, it will integrate even better with DEVONthink.

I’ve been pushing for typed arbitrary metadata, including relationships, since my very first post on these forums – before I ever started working for DEVONtechnologies. Unfortunately, there are no plans that I am aware of to implement this functionality in DEVONthink, and I’m too busy working on the synchronization component of DEVONthink to create such an app ex nihilo.

However, depending on your needs and skill level, I recommend Semantic MediaWiki, which turns MediaWiki into an extraordinarily powerful document database. The only drawback is that it doesn’t deal well with files – there’s no fulltext search, etc.