"Link to" sorting by date added?

Not sure if this is already possible, but would it be possible to to sort by date-added the pop-up list after clicking on ‘link to’ in the right-clicked context menu?

Let me explain:

I’ve copied and pasted, say, a newspaper item. Let’s say I want to take a phrase from the newspaper item and link to an document in the database that I may have just added perhaps 30 minutes ago. When I highlight the phrase and right-click, I get the usual context menu and select “Link to…”. That brings up your database and you’re asked to select which file you want to link to. For that list, it is sorted alphabetically, which makes finding that document I added 30 min rather difficult. Can that list be made to sort by date added?


Not exactly what you’re looking for, but I keep a smart folder for “recent documents.” In my case it’s those created in the last week, but you could use whatever interval keeps the volume manageable.


Thanks Katherine - hadn’t thought of smart folders. Still holding out for a sort based on age of import. Perhaps next version.

Another possibility is to open the History panel. Then drag & drop the document into the text while pressing the Command-Option modifier keys.