Link to Template

A question for DTPO users more advanced than me:

I like to create links between the notes I take for my research. I do so often by highlighting a portion of text and selecting the menu item Format > Make Link

Is it possible to have the new RTF created when I click on the link open from a template I have
created for my notes?

Thanks in advance for your help!

If you select text in an RTF document and use Format > Make Link, then click that link – you’ll get a new RTF whose name is the same as the link text and whose content is based on Preferences > Editing. Like this:

I don’t think I actually answered your question – because I don’t understand what “click on the link open from a template …” means.

I think I get it. You want to click a WikiLink that creates a new RTF file but have it use an RTF Template you’ve created. If I understand you correctly, no that is not possible.

Apologies for my poor explanation. Yes, this is what I would like to do. That’s a shame, but I appreciate the speedy response.

Thank you for the swift reply! I think I see what I can do now! In the end, both responses were helpful!