link to url

I’d like to be able to link text to a url. I am currently editing in Rich Text mode. There is no way to edit an url that has been imported or link text to an url.

Any suggestions?

Sure. You can copy a URL into a rich text document in DT Pro, then edit the text string as you like. After editing, it’s still a link to a web page.

Here’s the URL for this thread: … php?t=2600

In a rich text document, I changed it to this text: Harry – and it still linked to this thread.

Going at it from the other direction, select a rich text string and choose Format > Link. A dialog box will appear asking you to insert the link. Insert a URL and now you’ve created a clickable link to that web page.

Either approach will accomplish what you were trying to do.

Thanks Bill,

I do Ok with the first solution but when I attempt “make link” linking to an url is not an option.

I am not using the “Pro” version. Perhaps the features different?



I can’t check DT Personal right now. In DT Pro under the Format menu the options include “Link” (which works as I described) and “Make Link” (which is for Wiki links).