Linked images in formatted note files (instead of embedded)

This is a request for support of image links in formatted note files
I’m not a fan of embedded images
. the code is messy
. the file size is increased
. the image is locked up and not available for other uses

Markdown files support linked images

I was happy to find I could use an external editor and insert the code for an image link <img src=“url”>
and even apply width and height parameters
It seemed to work well

Two problems

  1. not supported in DTTG; the image was not displayed
  2. editing the note with the DT editor un-did my work; the link was replaced with an embedded image

Can you show sample markdown code? And what is an “embedded image” - a data URL?

Formatted noted embed base64 data to create a portable file.

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What are your reasons for using formatted notes instead of Markdown?

Just a personal preference
I’m comfortable working with code (ex-programmer)
but I don’t want to see the format tags in my general use

Instead of code for an image link
<img src=“url”>
we have

That is how Formatted Note works. It embeds the image into the HTML file in base64…

I’m not sure, but if you save it as HTML (or create one HTML file like DEVONsave Shortcut do), you will maintain the external link, but the DT definition of Formatted Note is embed all the content.

This is true of HTML files.
It creates a link instead of embedding base64 data.

However, it is an absolute filesystem link.
Perhaps @cgrunenberg woud have some thoughts on supporting relative, absolute, and item linking in HTML files.