Linking a spreadsheet from iCloud Drive to DTPO? Possible?

I have a spreadsheet that I keep a rolling list in, and I want to have it available in DTPO. However, I also want to be able to edit it externally, through either Numbers or Microsoft Excel 2011. I want to be able to edit it on my iPhone, where I have both Numbers and Excel installed. As a side note, I also have DT To Go, but can’t get it to sync lately, which is why I want to use some other form of editing the spreadsheet

What I’m wanting to know is what would be best practice for having this spreadsheet in DTPO but still editable on my phone? Can I alias the file to either iCloud Drive (numbers) or Dropbox (excel) and still be able to have the spreadsheet show in the DTPO database?

Index the spreadsheet in DEVONthink (File > Index), as you can any spreadsheet in any filesystem folder – iCloud Drive or other.

See Importing and Indexing in Help.

Huzzah! You’re a gem, korm, thanks! That’s exactly what I needed, I just wasn’t able to see it myself. I blame it on grad school. :mrgreen: