Linking Advice and Information

I’m a longtime DT user but new to the concept of Linking, Backlinking, and WikiLinks, and I need some advice. I’m an engineer, and I currently have books, articles, catalogs, specifications, etc., in the form of ocr’d pdf files in a DT database. The database is about 12GB in size.

I’m currently using DT3 and an overly sophisticated file cabinet with a great query tool. I’m hoping to use the Linking and AI features of DT3 to have the system help me find new relationships and insights beyond what my own grey matter produces.

I want to start using links to tie this information together, 1) to make links that I have identified, and 2) to help me discover new related information. So I’m about to embark on putting together a DT3 personal information system using Kourosh Dini’s book, “Taking Smart Notes with DT.”

Should I use the DT internal Linking feature or the “Hook” linking system that I’ve read about on the DT3 blog? Also, could you tell me about the +/- of both options?

Thanks in advance to all responders. Your input will be much appreciated.

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