Linking and Workflow

Hello to all.
New user here, just received my new Scansnap 1500m and trying to create my new workflow.
Is it possible to link PDFs together?
I would like to be able to link invoices to statements. ie if there was 5 invoices that were listed in the monthly statement then is it possible to somehow provide links to those.

Well it must have been a good question as no one has known the answer!!

I have found a solution that works OK, I will briefly describe it so that others may benefit or if it was so obvious maybe someone can say.
After importing all the docs I then select the “statement” and select Data>New>annotation. I then do a Edit>copy link on the “invoice” that I want to link to.
Go back to the annotation screen and paste that link.
It then provides a “list” of links for all the associated docs.

Thought I would share my current Workflow to see if I can get any comments…
I have now learnt that you can drag and drop PDFs onto other PDFs so that any relevent docs are merged. This has worked well for me.

Go here to view it large … 976d_b.jpg

I apologize in advance, but I am not getting two items:

  1. I tried ‘Data->New->’ but cannot find how to annotate;

  2. I have no idea how you are dragging and dropping one pdf onto another.

I liked your flowchart, and would certainly like to be able to accomplish a similar workflow, so would greatly appreciate clarification!

Thanks for replyng, Happy to help.

  1. Here is a screen shot

    When you have the file selected go up the top to Data > New > Annotation. See large … 16b0_o.png

  2. When you have a pdf selected, there is a small “strip” on the right hand side that shows the pages for that file. Whilst in this screen just drag the other file to the small strip and it becomes another page.
    See large … 784b_o.png

cheers david

Thanks, David-

Well, I have the same menu open as you do, but no ‘Annotation’ choice is available. Are you running DTPro, v2, public beta (my version)? Perhaps there is a difference between our versions.

Also, I tried selecting a database, a folder, and a file at different times, with no change in that menu. What do you have selected (I am guessing a file)? Is it a pdf?

As to the sidebar in Preview, I knew that, but didn’t put two and two together. Thanks for filling me in!


I am using DTPro Office v2 so maybe it is the Office version?

As for the drag and drop… I found it by accident. It suits my way of doing things perfectly as it puts all the relevent docs in one spot.


I am using the same version. I don’t get why you have an ‘Annotate’ menu item, and I don’t…

I checked my preferences, and I checked Info for each item I tried to annotate. I can’t see anything.

Any ideas?

‘Annotate’ is in the Toolbar, not the menu bar.

Hi, Bill.

Actually, I cannot find ‘Annotate’ on the toolbar either.

However, I just found the scripts that Eric wrote to add annotation. I am going to install these, and am guessing that this explains the reason I have a different menu.

Is this correct?

No. In the current public beta 7 of your DEVONthink application the Annotate commands are available for your Toolbar.

First, make certain that the Toolbar is displayed: View > Show Toolbar (this will read ‘Hide Toolbar’ if it is currently displayed).

if the Annotate icon is not shown in your Toolbar, choose View > Customize Toolbar. Drag the Annotate icon into your Toolbar. Click ‘Done’ when you are finished.

Now you can add annotations to your PDFs.

I think he is referring to the last smart template eric provided. This template will be part of the next beta (pb8) and is downloadable here:


Thanks, Bill

I had tried essentially the same thing: right-click on the toolbar to customize, but found (and still find) no icon for ‘Annotate’.

In the meantime (I am glad I have a patient wife on a special shopping day…), I downloaded the script from Eric, installed it, and now have ‘Annotation’ on my ‘Data->New’ menu.

I even had the time to play with one of Eric’s scripts a little, to remove the ‘Type your note here’, and to automatically place the cursor at the bottom when I first create an annotation.

Don’t know why my base version of 2.0b7 was missing this, but I love the feature now!

It could be that you are looking for a single icon in the customize toolbar pane when it’s actually a command group.

Ding ding ding!

Yes, I missed that completely! I was looking at all the individual icons…Too much tryptophan, I suppose. Thanks!

However, fortunately, my absent-mindedness led me to the script the Eric created, which is great for adding info and links to items. So, overall, a net positive.