Linking documents


Is there a way to link documents without using Tags or Groups? For example a tax return; if I choose one document I would like to see all the other associated documents.


Apart from tagging and replicating another possibility would be to add cross-links either to the document (more useful for text documents like rich text or Markdown, less useful for PDF documents and tax returns) or simply to the document’s annotation (see Annotations & Reminder inspector) or to custom metadata.

Maybe take a look at Hook

Can you clarify why you do not want to use Tags or Groups? That may help to figure out solutions.

OK thanks.

Good idea. I use Tags a lot and I currently have more than 70 so I’m trying not to add to that list too much. I used tax as an example before but another good one is mortgage/loan application and associated documents. I tag all those documents according to the property but over time a ton more documents (invoices, receipts etc) are tagged with that same property tag. So if in the future I want to find only the mortgage documents I have to fish through the list of documents and find them. I could group them but a group is more permanent than I require. Perhaps I just need to use two tags for this example but I’m wondering if there’s a better way.

I’ll investigate the Annotations & Reminder inspector as cgrunenburg suggested.