Linking from Google Docs to DevonThink items

I am trying to find a way to link from Google Docs to a specific item in DTPO. The usual x-devonthink-item type of link will not work because GDocs refuses to store or parse it as a protocol based hyperlink.

So I thought I would be clever, but I am clearly not clever enough. I set up a Bonjour webshare for a test database. With this, I can launch the DTPO websharing interface using the local hyperlink irma.local:63764/rtf/d/TestDoc.rtf to parse out the folder structure and point to the relevant file. I probably don’t have the URL parsing quite right. Has anyone else played with this?

It would be even better to be able to link to the GUID of the file so that if it is altered, the DTPO metadata would still point to the correct file. Has anyone figured out a way to link to something like irma.local:63764/7E09EB41-1F4F-4 … 627DFF8B4E

UPDATE: The method below does not work. Selections inside a Google Doc do not trigger the same services apparently. One of the reasons to really dislike webapps.

In the worst case, you can do the following: past a plain-text version of the x-DT-item URL into the Google Docs document. It’s not pretty, but for an internal document that should be no problem. Then instead of clicking the link, simply select the whole URL and use the OS X service “Open URL”, in the at case, OS X, not Google Docs handles the process. You can try to assign a keyboard shortcut to “open url”.

This is a little slower on the Mac, compared to simply clicking a link, but it’s not that bad. It does not work well, however on iOS, as it is really hard to select the whole URL. Touch interfaces still have many issues to iron out.

Thanks for the suggestion re the Service ‘Open URL’. Had not used OS X Services much before.

Sadly, this does not work from Google Docs. Did a quick search to see if there is a workaround for this broader issue but did not find anything.

However, I am pleased to say that this tip solved another small problem that I was having in DTPO. It speeds up how I can open a URL in my default browser rather than within the DTPO window. Previously I would right-click on the link, copy the URL, switch to the browser, open a new tab, then paste the URL into the location bar.

Now I can right-click the link, Esc again to hide the context menu, then use the ‘Open URL’ service to open the link in my browser. (I have assigned a shortcut key which makes this quicker.)

You know (or not?) you can use Data > Launch URL or press Command-Control-O. If the file has a URL, it will be opened in the default application.

No, I did not know that. And oddly, it is not working for me.

I did the same steps. Right-click, Escape, (which leaves the URL highlighted, faster than selecting it by mouse drag) but then Data | Launch URL remains greyed out and obviously the shortcut key does not work either.

What little thing am I missing?

You don’t need this. Just select the file then press the shortcut. If there’s a URL on the file, it should launch outside DEVONthink.