Linking from MindManager (v14) to items in DT

I’m using MindManager to gather together a whole of research in a mind map. I want to link to specific documents held in DT. I can (in theory) do this in MindManager by inserting a hyperlink to the document on my hard drive.

I’ve tried to do this by using Copy Item Link for each document in DT (which gives me something like: x-devonthink-item://077967B7-304A-428A-921F-BDFE2E46A8A1), however MindManager cannot seem to find the document with this info.

Any ideas on tweaking the link path or changing my approach to get this to work?


The link is OK; it is what DEVONthink recognizes on OS X. I’ll guess you are running MindManager v14 under Parallels or VM Ware, since v14 is Windows-only. (The most recent MindManager product for Mac, I believe, is v10.x). I run Windows 8 under Parallels 9 and DEVONthink links do not work in any app on that platform – including v14. I tested this with MindManager v14 before replying here – like you, no joy. Windows knows nothing about the x-devonthink-item URLs; so software running there doesn’t either.

I run into this limitation when I put DEVONthink references into ConnectedText. The answer there (and with MindManager) is to export to PDF or HTML and view that export on the OS X side of the house.

FWIW, DEVONthink my test verified that links work as expected in MindManager v10.x on OS X.

Hi Korm- yes, that’s right. Running MindManager (I said v14, it’s actually v11) for Windows via VMWare Fusion (because it has a bunch of features that the less evolved Mac version of MM just doesn’t have :frowning: ).

So, looks like I’ve hit a terminal problem with this arrangement. That’s a shame.

Thanks for your help.

Contact MindManager Support and tell 'em to evolve the Mac version. :wink:

I suspect it’s a feature that VMWare and/or Parallels would have to implement.

For the undaunted: AutoHotKey could probably be used to create the Windows-Mac-DEVONthink connection.