Linking from text to notes

Is there any way to link from text in a note to another note other than by using the “Link To” command in the contextual menu? I find that linking via the menu becomes both tedious if the I’m trying to navigate down several levels of the hierarchy and increasingly difficult if I’m unsure where the target item for linking is located.

I was looking for some type of platform on which the user could park a link, then navigate to the target and complete the link without having to hold open a menu. Or, find a path to the target note and use that somehow to create a link.

Additional question: Am I correct in stating that there is no way to link from text to text either within a note or between notes?

Richard Bullen

You can Option-Command-Drag & Drop another selected document in a different view window into a rich text document to create a link.

You are correct.

Thx Bill.