Linking in "Sheets" or an Alternative

Hello. I’m trying to see if Devonthink is for me and am trying it out. One of the things I need to do and love the feature of is Sheets. I love having the sortable columns and the single record view is great. The downside, unless I’m just not figuring it out, is that I want to be able to link within the table. For instance, I might list newspaper articles, and in my comment section I might list keywords or a particular topic that I would love to able to link to other areas of the database with more information on that topic or keyword. I think there is a way to make columns in an RTF file, but then it’s not sortable, and it’s a bit clunky, also there’s no record view like with sheets. Is there a way to do this or a suggestion as to a better way to achieve the same thing?




linking within sheets is not yet possible but it’s on the list of upcoming features (although I can’t promise a specific version implementing this yet).

Just wondering: is this on the feature list for DT Pro 2.0?


Hopefully - can’t promise this yet.