Linking PDFs for searches

In a RTF document include a link to a PDF in searches.

The same as what happens now when that same PDF is indexed and so becomes searchable, say as a separate entry and grouped with the RTF document to keep them together.

Not sure if I understood your question. You can already link to a pdf from an rtf file, although not to a specific location in the PDF file. The fastest way to create a link to any file is to drag and drop the file into the rtf text, while you press command-option. this creates a link.

Thanks for the followup and I apologize for being too brief plus unclear with my suggestion.

If I create a new entry in DTPO by importing a searchable PDF file, it can be searched.

If I create a new entry by linking (indexing) to an existing PDF file outside of DTPO, it still can be searched in DTPO.

However, if that same existing PDF file from outside of DTPO is linked by a link in a Rich Text entry, it can no longer be searched in DTPO.

My suggestion was to also include that type of link in DTPO searches.

Now I make two entries, one for the linked (indexed) PDF file and one for Rich Text, then group them together. Then a DTPO search will find something in the PDF and that in turn leads to the group and the Rich Text entry.