Linking PDFs to RTFs

In my research, I read a lot of articles in PDF format and take notes about them in RTF format. I love the ability to link from the RTF back to the PDF. Is there anyway I can link from the PDF to the RTF?

Indirectly, yes, another one of my kludges. :slight_smile:

In the Info panel of the PDF enter a reference to the note you would like to find. I use caret delimiters surrounding the name of the note, e.g., . Because the Comment field is plain text, you cannot set up a hyperlink in the Comment field.

To jump to the desired note, select its name (“Harry”) and press Command-/ (the Lookup command). A Search window will open and will already contain the query term, “Harry”. For fast response, set the search operator to Name, then press Return. There’s Harry!

If you have a project involving a number of PDF files and perhaps several notes per PDF you could set up a similar system for cataloging notes referring to PDFs, using a Sheet containing Records for the PDF file (its name in one column) and the names of the notes associated with that PDF (in a second column). Because Records contain only plain text you will have to use the Lookup command as above, for the Name of a selected PDF or note.

There are still other ways to accomplish the objective of “linking” notes to a PDF document. For example, a note could be given the Name of the PDF to which it refers, plus additional alphanumeric text characters, e.g. the PDF “Harry” could have associate notes named, e.g, “Harry - Ancestors”, “Harry - Bibliography” and so on. To see the list of notes associated with “Harry” do a Name query for Harry.

Thanks, Bill! I’ll give it a try.