Linking sections in PDFs

Is is possible to make a link from a paragraph in one PDF to a second PDF within a DT database?

First, get the page link for the target PDF - the one you want to link to. Display the PDF sidebar (View > PDF Display > Sidebar). Right-click the page you want to link to. Choose Copy Page Link from the contextual menu. The link is placed on the clipboard.

Then, go to the place in the other PDF where you want to place the link. Have the annotation tools displayed in the tool bar (e.g., open the PDF in its own window by double clicking).

Click the link icon (I outlined it in red in the image, above). You’ll see a crosshair cursor. Select the text you want to be the clickable link. The annotation edit panel will pop up.

Paste the URL you copied in the first stop into the URL portion of the annotation panel. The URL should look something like the one in the picture. Click the “X” at the top of the edit panel to close it. Click the Hand icon on the annotation tool to exit the links tool. Your link should now be active.

If you want to link to specific text in the second PDF, use a link like this:


The text in bold italics is the search string (note the ? mark). Use %20 to replace spaces in your search text. The link will find the FIRST instance of the text in the target PDF. You can combine page links and searching to search for the FIRST instance of text on a specific page.

Neat - I hadn’t realized this level of granularity was possible with PDFs (at least; I need to explore x-devonthink-item linking more). Thanks for the detailed explanation, korm!