Linking to a DT record from OpenOffice 3.0?


I tried my first hyperlink to DT from an external app – OpenOffice 3.0.1. I’m able to create the link in OO (by first using Edit-Copy Item Link in DT) – but the link doesn’t do anything when I click (or CMD-click) it.

I’ve experimented with TextEdit, in which the link works just fine. Any ideas how I can get OO linking properly?

Hi arathe,
The same happens with Mellel and, unfortunately, with NeoOffice 3.0. What gets copied seems to be the raw path to the DT-file without the link-functionality. You may want to have a look at the following thread and the developer’s responses.


Hi, kithairon!

Thanks–I’ll check out that thread. I am able to create an actual link – OpenOffice recognizes it, and prompts me to Cmd-click it to access the link. But–it doesn’t go anywhere.

Again–I’ll check out the thread. Thanks for taking the time to help!