Linking using [[ ]] vs. "Copy Item Link"

I’m trying to create indexes to other files in my system, but can’t seem to link to a rich text page via the brackets [[ ]]. I can link to individual pdfs this way, but I want to link to other pages as well. Seems I can only do this by “copy item link” and pasting. Can someone explain the differences between these methods and why I can’t use brackets?



WikiLinks can’t link to a specific page in a pdf: item links (i.e., internal DT links) can. For more detail see pages 157 and 204 of the excellent user handbook (also available via the Help menu).

Edit: sorry, to be more specific, item links enable you even to link to a specific paragraph in a rich text document. The Help has much more in the way of details.


Thank you Stephen,

For some reason I wasn’t able to Wikilink to an RTF file, but now I’m able to do it… (prefs were set to all docs).