Links and 'attached script' don't seem to work in DT2


Maybe I’m doing something wrong but I am encountering two apparent problems in DT 2

If I attach a script to a group i doesn’t seem to run at all. I have the script down to a simple ‘Hi’ alert and it still does nothing. According to the help I should see ‘hi’ each time I view the group.

Also if I have Devon find WikiLinks, which it does, and click on them the view doesn’t change to the linked item.

These are both basic errors so I have to assume that it is me or my install.

Any clues would be welcome.

To add some more information to the link problem - it appears to vary as to the links that work and do not. I reiterate these are wiki-links generated by DT, not anything I have added - it decided that the link referents where there. Interestingly the links do work if I command-click them into a new tab.

Still no joy on the attached script (was called ‘smart group’?)


Now the attached scripts are working. The only change us that I have had to restore my db recently (for an unrelated reason).

I wish I knew what happened

I notice that you have to use ‘update scripts folder’ to refresh the attached scripts - as a hint.

I don’t think that was the issue before - but perhaps it was me changing the script a lot and forgetting to refresh?

Also remember to use on triggered(theRecord)

Hopefully the hints help

I’m also having trouble with links in DT2. Have narrowed it down to the following scenario: If the open document is in the first or only open tab there is no option to make a link in the contextual menu. I can make a link using the menu bar drop-down but the link will not actually work with the document open in that tab. If I open the document in another tab, or another window the contextual menu is available and links function correctly. These are for manually created links, and it sounds like homephree is having the same issue with automatically created wiki-links. Is this something the devs are aware of?