Links between DT3 items

Observed behavior. Because I have one Mac that is too old to learn new OS tricks, I noticed this:

Go to the context menu and hit “copy item link.” Paste it where you wish - in an existing document, a new document, or in an annotation to a document.

Under Mojave, you have a very nice link just as you would in a web page. The title of the item displays, underlined as an inline link, and the x-devon-item link is hidden away.

Under High Sierra, though, only the x-devon-item link is pasted, and it not clickable. The link needs to be manually created from there.

What is “a document”? There is no singular document in DEVONthink.

@Yclipse, did you every figure out how to solve this for High Sierra? Inquiring minds want to know…

Never did find any resolution. I have simply accepted the difference.