Links - Doc - DB

In each DB there exists a unique link for each document in the format X-devonthink/item …
Suppose I move the document to a new database, will the document keep the same X-devonthink/item …identifier or a new one is created …

I suppose a new is created as it would make no sense to keep the same !
Just double checking …

Now suppose I have a mind map (MindNode) or an omnioutliner document with links to documents that are in my DB1 IF i move the documents in a DB2 I will lose ALL my active links, correct?
Do I have to replace all the links manually in my Mindnode map or Omnioutliner doc OR is there a way to do it automatically ?

Thank you for your answers

The same x-devonthink-item:// link is maintained. Simple to confirm:

  1. create a test document in DEVONthink
  2. add the document’s x-devonthink-item:// link to a MindNode document
  3. move the document to a different DEVONthink database
  4. click on the x-devonthink-item:// link in MindNode

Yes you are correct, Should have done the test before posting ! …

Am I correct in pointing out that those links change when one rebuilds a database?

No, rebuilding doesn’t change them.