Links for Imported PDFs (and graphics) in RTFD Documents

Basically this is a request to optionally set up links to the filenames of graphics contained in the RTFD package in the same way as links to the filenames of graphics externally in the file system.

I typically summarize research and data in RTF/RTFD documents with many links. These links are to both external and DTPO sources and the words used for the link may or may not be the source’s filename.

But often it is simpler to include (import) the source instead of leaving separate files scattered throughout the database.

Sticking a PDF in totally disrupts the flow and style of the text in a RTFD document. And it uses the source filename which is often cryptic. An improvement is if the filename and PDF icon could be converted into linked words that match the style and format of the balance of the RTFD document. And avoid the need to go back to the original file and rename it just to get more appropriate text to appear in the text of the document.

Along the same lines, an option to convert any imported graphic (JPG, PNG, etc.) to a link would also help the format and style of some documents.