Links in DevonThink

Hey all,

I’m not sure if this is possible, but I looked a bit for this and was curious about links in DevonThink.

The problem is that I use DT for all my GTD type stuff, and with my daily lists I create links to specific items that have just that task. The links are great, except I deal with links so much that I was hoping there would be a keyboard command or an option that when clicking on a link that it would not open the link in the same window currently open. This would especially be useful if say I plan my day, create the links as needed, then opened my day view in one window, and when clicking the link another window would come open to where it links to - where I can edit it, make notes, do whatever, and then save it as needed.

Thanks for any help anyone can give on this question.


Just press the Command and Option modifier keys while clicking on the link.

Thanks for the help.

I looked in the help a bit for a listing of keyboard shortcuts (or modifiers and what can all be done) and was unable to find a listing. Is there a good concise list of these, like a cheat sheet?

Thanks again for the help.

You might have a look at the various “View : …” topics of the help (or search for “modifier” without quotes).