Links in MD to other apps

I’m trying to add links to Day One posts in a markdown note in DT as follows (with the link as created by Day One),

[DO Post](dayone2://view?entryId=2F34016613BC44A493C95E301963751D)

But this doesn’t work as it’s not clickable and/or doesn’t show up in the shortcut menu (although the link does work if it’s an rtf file in the shortcut menu) and the link works exactly like this if I open the md file in another md editor. And a link to another DT file like below seems to work fine.

[DT file](x-devonthink-item://088EA17C-936F-4724-BFAB-B45125E24E82)

Can someone explain the problem, thanks

Not sure how your links look like. Could you post them wrapped in backticks ` or indented by a tab?

Thanks, forgot the markdown would format them.

Anyone able to give me some advice with this issue? Thanks

I don’t use DayOne but I downloaded it and made two entries.
I’m not seeing an issue here.
Does it persist after rebooting the machine?

Thanks for checking that out - assessing it more closely I see now that it the link does work but it keeps the DT window above it, i.e. if DT is full screen it will seem like it’s done nothing (I tried it with a Bear link and got the same behaviour). Is this a setting in DT that I need to change to make it open links and make the app the focused one (if indeed that is the right terminology)?

I am assuming that you are using notebook thus maximizing the window. Won’t you consider to use multiple desktop space to swipe among the desktops to getting the linked windows?

That behavior is not controlled by DEVONthink and putting Day One in another space isn’t switching to it.

As a test I opened the same link from three other different apps and they all opened it correctly bringing the linked app’s window to the front, so you may say this behaviour isn’t controlled by DT, but it’s the only app exhibiting it and it exhibits it with various apps and various other apps don’t exhibit it with any others.

As another quirk, in rtf files if I right click a link and select “open in X app” (this option isn’t available in md files) then it opens it correctly bringing the window to the front as well as doing the same for links in safari.
Could this be DT expecting clicked links to open natively and only links opened from the context menu to open in other apps?

@cgrunenberg may have more insight into this. However, I saw the same behavior in Maiar.

Shift clicking activates the app, just like Shift-Alt clicking opens & selects/activates a new tab.

Can you clarify this please? Are you suggesting I can highlight a document, hold Shift-Alt, an click to create a new tab with that item? That is not working for me.

No, only links inside documents (e.g. rich text) work like that.

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Thanks for that insight, that now works exactly as you describe.