Links in RTF-documents lost

One Question to RTF-Files.

I save text with included links from websites as RTF-file. Sometimes the Links are lost, somtimes they are in in the text.

Could it be, that DT just save the Links in the text, when they are underlined?

Thanks in advance


DEVONthink just stores the received/imported RTF(D) document without any modification. Which browser do you use?

I try again, now it works. Sorry for that, but try to replicate it.

It works in Safari 2.0.4, but not in Firefox as far as I try here.

But to me it´s nicer to copy out of Firfox, because then I´m able to copy just the text-block I want , in Safari it selcts always the whole text inclusively the menuebar at the right, which I don´t need

look here, what I mean

Actually this sounds like an issue of Firefox - DEVONthink is only able to use the provided data and doesn’t modify it.

okay, I try to handle it.

By the way: This is a nice feature contacting someone by e-mail, when there is a post concerning one´s forums post.

Nice day