links to DT items on Desktop?

I love Ctrl-clicking on an item or folder in DT, and selecting “Copy Item Link,” thereby copying a link to that item or folder. I then paste said link into, say, a note in OmniOutliner. When I click on that link, the item etc appears. Magic.

So, I’d now like to create such links on my desktop, to items in DT that I’m using frequently and to which I need swift access. Like aliases to my key DT items and folders.

Any suggestions? (Extra credit for a script that would do this!)

Many thanks in advance,



Ah, Korm, bless you! Many, many thanks for taking the time and trouble to write this.

One small glitch: When I pasted into the Applescript Editor and tried to save to the DEVONThink Pro scripts folder, I got the error message “Syntax Error: expected expression but found ‘property’”, highlighting “property” in the following line:
set the parent_dictionary to make new property list item with properties


Thank you again!


Magnificent, works like a charm!

Bonus 2: put these links into a folder and drag the folder into the Dock to get the equivalent of a Dock submenu of frequently-needed documents in your database(s).[ /quote]

Like this a lot, I am wondering/hoping that there is a way to instead of putting the folder in the Dock to put it into the Finder Toolbar?


Thanks Korm.

Some years after …
I’m also searching how to links to DT items.
Maybe another solution to be tested in depth:

  • right click on the DT item
  • choose ‘Afficher dans le Finder’ (Display in the Finder)
  • in the Finder’s window: right click on the file and ‘Create an alias’
  • move the alias on the Desktop or elsewhere you want

Joining to this archeological research… )

I love scripting, but why just not:

  • Edit any unused label to, like: “Favourites”
  • Mark with this label any item (document or group), which is in a heavy use nowadays (unmark which is not already)
  • Make a global Smart Group “Favourites” which would collect all items with this label
  • Place this Smart Group somewhere at hand in DT
  • Enjoy )

Extra pros of this approach:

  • Expanded/Collapsed state of all groups inside this smart group remains as you left it forever, even if you close and reopen DT
  • You may setup a very different set of columns and sorting in this smart group
  • It is easy and flexible

Yes Silverstone and thanks to you.
I also use that system
but I want to have a sort of shortcut on the Mac’s desktop itself…

@filou53 I think this Script: Create bookmark or alias on desktop is what you’re looking for.

It does more than creating a shortcut but it should be simple to remove or disable everything you don’t want to use.

Thanks Pete31.