Is it possible to link a word or phrase in one document to a word or phrase in another? Not just to a document, but to a specific instance inside another document. Thanks.


The closest thing to a workaround would be to select the word or phrase and do a Lookup search by pressing Command-/. In several filetypes of documents the Search window text pane will scroll to the first occurrence of the query term when a document in the search results list is selected.

any thought about making this possible? i just logged on with precisely the same question since i am writing something to which i want “anchored” notes, as it were (see Jer’s Novel Writer for a great app that does this) even if not immediately part of same document. (i use workspaces script you alerted me to in past to keep “connected” text and notes windows contiguous.) if text-to-text links were possible, then i would only need two documents, the main text ms and notes ms; the latter would be a list of target links.

rich ratzan