Lion bug- wrong context menu for PDF's

I am attaching a screenshot of the context menu which appears for items which I have sent from DA as one-page PDF’s. I don’t think this is the complete menu as it is missing things like “Copy Title As.” Also, the “Copy” command is greyed out.

Can this get fixed?

Version 2.1.2 will work around this issue of Lion.


The Print PDF to DT is also screwed up…it is printing part of the pages to the side with only white space. I can send a screen shot if that would help.

Also, the name of the item after printing is always".pdf"

Which application did you use? I’ve just tried this using Safari & TextEdit without any issues. A screenshot would be appreciated too, thanks.

Hmm…I can’t reproduce the graphics thing so that is good but I used Safari to print PDF to DT from a NEXIS dump. It always called the item something like “NEXIS results” but now it is just labeled “.pdf.” It seems to not be happening with any other page so I guess I spoke to fast.


Version 2.1.2 will be fully compatible to the PDF services of Lion, e.g. try to capture the name & URL if possible.

And how soon will 2.1.2 be available?