List of local Devonthink tutors/consultants

It would be great to maintain an on-line database of knowledgeable DT-users available for (paid) personal consultations. Perhaps listed by major city, and complementary areas of expertise, i.e. "Devonthink, Zotero and Scrivener.)


Laura … tants.html

There’s a small list of consultants who offer services for DEVONthink and DEVONagent on our Web site at … tants.html.

You might try searching for Mac consultants in your area, looking for one who has experience with our programs. A couple of years ago I helped an acquaintance find a consultant who could provide ongoing consulting services for her database projects, by suggesting that she do a search of Mac consultants in her city, and it worked out well. (Of course, your experience may vary.)

You might turn up a knowledgeable student at a nearby university who needs a bit of money and who could be helpful. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your quick reply, Bill. I have been looking for such a person, including the student employment boards at local universities. It’s been uphill. That experience fuels my suggestion: have a database on the Forum so that each DT user wanting a consultant doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Does that make sense?


Laura, I was wondering if you had any luck finding a DT consultant. I am in the same situation as you are.


Have you reviewed the built-in Help?

Yes, but with no success. I also bought and read (repeatedly) Taking Control of Getting Started with Devonthink 2. That didn’t really help me either. About a year ago, I emailed DT and spoke with a wonderful customer service rep and, again, my ignorance about computers just let me to throw my hands up in frustration.

First problem: I have DT To Go on my iPhone, but I can no longer access it because it does not recognize my fingerprint ID and it then asks for a passcode which I don’t know. I don’t even recall being asked to create a passcode. That said, I’m not sure if I synced it correctly to my laptop.

Second problem, perhaps more pressing. I have DT To Go on my iPad, but I don’t know how to sync it with DT on my MacBook Air. And I’m afraid to experiment out of fear that I’ll do something irreparable, which seems to be the case on my iPhone.

I cannot tell you how much I love this program. On my MacBook Air it is a dream come true. I use it everyday. But now I really need it on my iPad even more than on my iPhone, although having both options would be nice.

That’s why I was asking to see if there are any trainers out there who could walk me step by step through the process.

Thanks for your reply. Regards, Gilbert

PS: One last thing; I want to upgrade to DT 3 on all platforms but, again, I’m fearful I’ll really screw things up.

I don’t even recall being asked to create a passcode.

A passcode is mandatory, so you had to have entered one. ou can’t use TouchID or FaceID without also entering a passcode.

The fingerprint is the one you specifed for the device, not one specific to DEVONthink To Go. If you use TouchID to unlock your mobile device, it would be the same fingerprint for our app.

Syncing is a very simple and logical process. In DEVONthink on the Mac, hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

Thanks so much for such a speedy reply.

My passcode that I use when my iPhone says Touch ID or enter Passcode is only four digits long. The passcode always works. But DT seems to want a six-digit passcode.

The passcode is specific to DEVONthink.
The fingerprint is not.

Then is there a way to change the passcode?

Not without deleting and reinstalling DEVONthink To Go.

If I did that, am I correct that the data on my MacBook will be unaffected?

Every device has its own copy of the databases, so no it won’t affect the Mac.

Obviously you will lose the data in DEVONthink To Go, but that’s also entirely inaccessible now.

Thanks. I’ll start by deleting the app.

Ok. I deleted DTTG on my iPhone and reinstalled it. I have a new passcode.

Should I connect my iPhone to my MacBook to begin setting up the sync?

In settings, under the Sync section, it appears to recognize my local network. Do I need to add another location?

Do I enable incoming connections?
What port do I use?
Should the password be different from the passcode?

You need to decide what kind of sync you’re doing.
Are you intending to use a Bonjour sync?

And here is where I get completely lost.

I was hoping to be able to plug in my iPhone (which is what I believe you call a client) into my MacBook Air (which is what I believe you call a server) and that any data inputted on one would be transferred to the other and vice-versa. Then I would do the same for my iPad (which I also believe is a client) and it would do the same.

I am really confused about Bonjour.

I don’t know if this helps, but my needs are rather modest. Just basic academic research and other note taking.

Thanks in advance for whatever light you can shed.

I was hoping to be able to plug in my iPhone (which is what I believe you call a client) into my MacBook Air (which is what I believe you call a server) and that any data inputted on one would be transferred to the other and vice-versa.

That is not a process we would advocate happening.
We believe in opt-in actions, where users maintain control and make decisions about their data. You are responsible for the data and what happens with it

Software should not make these choices for you. imagine you were syncing in a collaborative situation. One day you decide to make a database of private information (and you can let your imagination fill in if that means financial records or other things). Would you want DEVONthink to just decide to sync that without your knowledge? I would think not, unless you don’t mind red-faces and/or a loss of privacy.

Sync is a very simple thing. I will respond in your support ticket.

Ok. Thank you for that advice. That is sound advice. I look forward to hearing your response in the support ticket.