List [Tags] Column in form Views

New DEVONthink user here. Unless I am missing something, there is no option to list/sort Tags for items in any of the form views (columns/split/3-panes), which seems surprising considering the extensive Tag infrastructure in place. Create Date, Word Count, lots of other columns are available, but no Tags.

The only way to see what Tags apply to a document within a Group folder is to click on each document record, one at a time, and view it in the Tag bar, or do a show info… No way to sort by Tags within a Group folder?? Am I just missing it?

My thoughts exactly. A column for Tags would be most useful.

Or a panel for groups in Tags view - something like a 4-pane view perhaps.

As multiple tags can be applied to documents, what would sorting by tags look like?

Good point. Even listing the Tags as an available column in the various views (perhaps comma separated) would be a step forward. In this manner those items in a group with the same/similar Tags would sort together. Right now there appears to be no way to even see the Tags for a long list of items w/o selecting each one individually…

Absolutely agree.

It should only include the leaf tags for each item (not the tag hierarchy), perhaps in alphabetical order.

I would also opt for an extra tag panel in the “3-panel” and other views, which would show (alphabetically or by weight) what tags and groups are applied to the documents in the selected group. In this tag panel we should be able to additionally filter the documents while staying focused on a specific folder in the folder panel. In my DTP organization, I really really miss this feature!

By the way, with such tag panel implementation, a selected upper-level group in the group hierarchy could show not only the documents it (self) contains, but also the documents contained by its “children” folders. This seems to be logical for me, since documents in the “children” folders do possess “tags” of their upper-level folders, so should be shown in the upper-level folders as well.

I am missing a tag column a lot (coming from Ironic Software Yep and Leap).

And responding to the proposition of littleanty: A panel with the cloud of tags present in the selection would be great, too (in Yep and Leap it is provided).

Cheers - Klaus