List view and hierarchies

When one item is selected and I press Right-Arrow, the group expands as I would expect in Finder.

When selecting multiple items and I press Right-Arrow, Nothing happens. I would expect all selected items to expand (if possible). I know that there exists an “Expand All” option in the menus which I’d have similar behavior by Command-Option-Right-Arrow in Finder, but there are occasions where I don’t want to see the complete hierarchy and instead just want to expand the first level of several items. Currently, I have to process one at a time to complete that task, and that’s just annoying. I get distracted from what I wanted to do by the fact I’ve had to work around a very common behavior that wasn’t implemented.

Also, How can I open a group in a new folder WITHOUT switching the option in Preferences or creating a new window and then navigating to my desired group? In Finder, I just hold Command while double clicking a folder.

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