Listing including URL?

Apologies if this has been asked and answered before but I haven’t succeeded in finding anything.

The standard Listing script produces a nice plain text inventory of a database. But what I would really like is a “smarter” listing which could be used as an external directory. Specifically:

  • Including the DEVONthink x-callback URL
  • Ideally in OPML format (for direct use in iThoughts, OmniOutliner or similar)

Any ideas? Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

You could create a copy of the script and customize it. The “reference URL” property of records returns x-devonthink-item links, x-callback URLs aren’t supported on the Mac.

Thanks Christian. You’re right I meant x-devonthink-item links (not x-callback). The problem is I don’t really know what I’m doing :open_mouth: In spite of that I’m actually making some progress but it’s a bit painful.

Is there a reference document with the names of all the meta data elements? (or whatever the correct term is). Thanks if you can advise.

In Script Editor, choose File > Open Dictionary and choose DEVONthink. (You may have to select Other, if you have DEVONthink in a subfolder in /Applications.)

An AppleScript dictionary has the commands, elements, and properties supported in an AppleScriptable app.