Load time VERY long

Any way of speeding up launching of the DT app?

Even with only the basic inbox active (all other DB’s inactive), it takes nearly a minute (sometimes more) to launch with the fading splash screen really getting annoying.

Mac Pro (early), 16G ram, Lion 10.7.2

??? :unamused:

Are you still during the evaluation period? During the evaluation period the splash screen stays there longer each time you launch the app. I’m not sure what was the reason for that.

Once I purchased a license the app opened very fast.

Thanks jorgeg… that makes sense (I guess?)

I plan on purchasing, but want to kick the tires for another 30 days or so. I really like it, in spite of it’s flakey sorter and related problems with same. I’d been using SOHO Notes for years and needed a little more horsepower.