loading scripts problem during installation/updates

Hi all,

After installing/updating DTP, when I click on the dialog box to load scripts, I get the following errors:

12:45:45 PM: ~/Library/Scripts/Applications Failed
12:45:45 PM: ~/Library/Scripts/DEVONthink Pro Failed

I followed the instructions given in the manual wrt “the extras”, etc… the first time I installed DTP. Now I keep getting these errors everytime I apply an update (ver. 1.3.3 as for today).

What could be the cause of this error? Should I do a new install again?



Mauricio, it’s likely that there are Ownership/Permissions setting errors in your User Library.

You can check for and correct such errors.

Let’s start by looking at the referenced folders in the Finder.

Select the folder “Applications” at ~/Library/Scripts/. Press Command-I to open that folder’s Info panel. Examine the setting for Ownership & Permissions, which should show that you have Read & Write permission. If not, change the setting to Read & Write.

Perform a similar operation for the folder “DEVONthink Pro” at ~/Library/Scripts/.

Explanation: In order to install scripts within those locations, you must be able to write into them. If you don’t have permission to write into a folder, DT Pro cannot save scripts into that folder.

Why do Ownership & Permissions settings become wrong on some computers? I don’t know, but it’s an operating system error.