Local favorites


I would love to have local favorites (visible in the left bar, in the group list of a database) so that some important groups can be easily accessed while still being well organized in deep hierarchies. I never find the use for the global window because I have my three (big) databases open at all time in their own windows.

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I’m curious… If you selected the Groups you wanted to Favorite and chose Data > Create Table of Contents, you could create an RTF file with links to those folders. Would that work?

Here’s something else that may work (and I think is kinda cool)…

  1. Copy the item link of a Group.
  2. Make a Favorites folder in your database.
  3. In the Local Favorites, press Command-N to make a new Bookmark from the URL on the clipboard.
  4. Select a Bookmark in the Group and press Shift-Command-O to launch the URL. This opens the Group in a new window.

That’s a bloody good idea (the second one)!

Thanks, Edouard. :smiley: