Local Network Sync option greyed out

What does it mean that even though I can see my mac-mini as a local sync option, I cannot sync to it? More precisely, when I click the checkbox, nothing happens.

If I do the same on my mac-mini (i.e. select the checkbox for my MacBook for local network sync), I am prompted to enter the password…

Does the issue persist after quitting and relaunching DEVONthink?

If your screen shot is the Macbook, then it shows it’s setup to ‘accept incoming connections’

On your mac-mini, it makes sense that it is asking for a password to access to access the macbook, which is the machine which accepts “incoming” and needs a password to do so. the switch to “accept incoming” should be “on” on only one machine, and it appears you designated the Macbook to be that one.


Yes, but that is irrelevant for the problem I’m describing. I just set up the MacBook for incoming connections because I wanted to test whether the mini would be able to connect to the MB.

The mini is, of course, also set up to accept incoming connections.

If true, that is the problem. Only one machine on the network should be set to “accept incoming.”

See the “DEVONthink Manual”.

Start a support ticket.