Local Network Sync with selective download to iPad


Thank you for shipping DDTG2. I have been waiting for a suitable solution to keeping track of PDFs etc.

I have a Desktop Mac, iPad and iPhone. I think of my Mac as my “server” - it is always on and stores my DevonThink databases. Due to an incredibly poor broadband connection (I don’t wish to even consider having to upload, then download big PDFs etc if i don’t have to) and the fact that I am happy syncing my iPad to my Mac only when connected to my local network (I don’t need to keep it continuously updated) I would have thought that Local Network syncing was the best option.

I don’t however, wish to sync my whole Devonthink database to my iPad - I would like the selective sync options. From your Help notes a Local Sync Store will only sync between Macs (and would surely force me to maintain two copies of each Devonthink database on my Mac which doesn’t seem to be a sensible option)

What is the best strategy to adopt? Will I need to setup a separate server with WebDAV just to sync my iPad and iPhone across my local network? Will the selective sync options become available for local sync?

Many thanks in advance.


Why would you need to have two copies of your DEVONthink database? :question:

You cannot do a “selective Sync” in the way you’re thinking. You can do what we call in-house a “full” or “shallow Sync” to the mobile device. Full Syncs content and metadata. Shallow Syncs only the metadata.

On order to use shallow Syncing, you need to purchase the Pro Pack (see DEVONthink To Go 2’s Settings > Manage). This will give you the option of setting a Sync location to Download Files: On demand (a shallow Sync). You can then set the Download option for individual databases, or even specific groups in a database to shallow or full, in their Info popup.

Not unless you want to (and I don’t lightly suggest it. It’s not for everyone). You could do a Bonjour (Direct) Connection Sync between the Mac and iPad. Please refer to the built-in Help in both applications for information on Sync.

So syncing DevonThink documents with DTTG2 is all or nothing, then? Nice if your device has lots of free space. I don’t need everything I have in DevonThink on my mobiles. And just the metadata, as I understand that term, is not terribly useful for me to have on my mobiles. I suppose I could create a second DT database containing just those documents I want to sync, though. Is that a possible solution?