local path issue on two Macs

Hi there,

I’m dragging DevonThink files into iThought mind mapping software. If I copy drag the same file from DT, I getL

From iMac

1: (notice the “/pdf/0/” in the URL)

From Macbook

1: (notice the “/pdf/c/” in the URL)

You can see the folder name after pdf is different so I can’t open the copy of the file on the opposing machine it was added from originally.

Any ideas of getting the local path the same on both Macs?



You should not rely on absolute paths like this. There is no guarantee the file will remain in the same location, leaving you with a fragile link. You should right-click a file and use Copy Item Link instead.

Thanks for the tip, that works nicely.

My pleasure. Happy linking! :smiley: