Local search in each pane and global search

I am guessing this is quite a big request/suggestion in the search methodology of DT. However, DT is expectionally great in search so I will go ahead and suggest:
Should there be a local search field for each pane for all views? Use the three pane-view as example (the fifth view setting). If there are local search field for each pane, then the search field in the leftest panel is a search for the right group/tag. Search field in top-right panel is to search for title/content of documents within the selected group/tag. Search field in bottom-left panel is to search for content within the document displayed. The original search field next to the top icon bar should be kept and functions exactly as it does now for global search.

If local search by pane is implemented, this will hudely save our time by reducing the need for setting search criteria each time we use the global quick search field or the stand-alone-and-excellent serach window.

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the Search panel (Tools > Search …) has the flexibility to do everything you suggested and more by using search parameters and Advanced settings.

Personally I would find having three or four search boxes on the the views themselves would be confusing clutter.

Not to mention difficult to deal with in terms of keyboard shortcuts.

I understand that the current search box has almost all of the search criteria (except for tag search as a criteria), but different users may have difference reasons/preferences for search. in my case, I am doing quite a bit of literature review in multiple disciplines and thus constantly need to shift/switch my focused search from group to title to content to fuzzy/exact word/phrase. Because of this, I need to constantly change the search criteria. There are also users who prefer clicks rather than keyboard short-cuts, particularly when the app is just one of the many tools they use daily (and with bad memory like me).

I accept that features addition is a function of what is wanted by most users and coherence with the technology. I am just adding an incremental suggestion. I definitely agree that the current quick search is already very thorough in offering different criteria and any addition may just be “nice to have” for some niche users. However - search by tag is definitely a very much wanted addition criteria to the quick search field.

Sure, good info. Thanks.

Have you tried to work with Smart Groups? E.g., a smart group that drills into a particular document group can be modified on the fly to flip from one group to another.

Not what you’re looking for, but it’s an alternate versus nothing.