Local Sync, Indexed Files not on System drive

Hi, I’m trying to sync databases from my laptop to my desktop using local sync.

I set up the laptop as the server, selecting ‘Synchronise content of indexed items’, pointed the desktop to the local sync store over the LAN and left it to sync. No errors were reported and everything is searchable from the desktop. So far very painless and updates to either machine are reflected across.

The problem is that the database contains an indexed folder of pdfs and they were not copied over, but referenced to their location on the laptop. My understanding was that with ‘Synchronise content of indexed items’ the pdfs would be duplicated on synched machine. The manual says something along the lines of copied to the same relative location. I believe this may be the problem. My indexed files are on a secondary hard drive in the laptop ie /Volumes/BIG_DRIVE/pdfs meaning there isn’t an obvious relative location.

Is this expected behaviour? Is there a workaround? Am I just missing something? I’m sure I’m not the first person to encounter this.


Where would they be copied to?
/Volumes/BIG_DRIVE/pdfs is not a location on your machine (either one of them).
Sync isn’t going to create a new volume.

Hi thanks for getting back.

/Volumes/Storage/pathToFolderWithPdfs/ is the location of the pdfs on my laptop. There is only one drive in the desktop so sync can’t copy to the same relative location which, by my understanding, is what it would like to do.

Is there a way, within DEVONthink, to sync physical copies of the pdfs to the desktop machine despite the fact that the same relative location doesn’t exist? Is my best option to partition the drive in the desktop machine and create the same relative location?

Thanks again,

Problem solved, I ended up partitioning the desktop hard drive to create a volume with the same name as the second drive in the laptop.

Once that was set up sync worked as expected, copying the indexed folder across to the new partition. The workaround is no great hardship but it would be great if it was possible to specify an alternate location for indexed folders when the same relative path does not exist. Or even to give a warning that the files will not copy.


Glad it’s working but remember that alternate options would add overhead and extra bookkeeping to the Sync process. Cheers!