Local Sync Store question for 2.9 (not getting synced back)

Hi I am currently testing a local sync store on a single mac since with two macs it did’nt work.

I am having a database on documents/testdb which is synced via local sync store to documents/testSyncDb.


  1. When I insert a document into the testdb I can see that the file size for testSyncDb also increases. If I delete a document the size of testSyncDb stays the same. Why is that?

  2. How do I “Import/Sync” the data from the testSyncDb to a new database? I added another database “secondtestdb” and configured it to sync whith testSyncDb but nothing happens. No files appear in the secondtestdb.

What am I doing wrong?


You can’t. Syncing is meant for sharing databases between machines, NOT between databases. Please read DEVONthink’s built-in Help. Read the section, “Taking your data with you”.

The synchronization is optimized for speed, a garbage collection removes obsolete stuff but usually not immediately.

What is the difference between syncing through a local sync store and direct sync between two Macs? Is it the same thing?
Will I be able to sync data to iPhone with new DTTG 2.0 with either methods?

No, it’s definitely not the same thing.

With a Bonjour (Direct) Connection, there is no intermediary. It is a 1:1 connection with both machines On, running DEVONthink, and having the Syncing database open on both. It is a direct conversation between the machines.

With a local syncStore (or a remote Sync location) there is an intermediary between machines, a storage location for housing your Sync data. It does not require both machines to even be On. It is an indrect conversation, with one machine leaving notes in an agreed upon spot, and the other machine going and reading the notes at its leisure. If it has anything to say in return or new, it can leave notes of its own for the other machine to read later.

So a Bonjour Sync is two lovers talking, face to face.
Other Syncs are passing love notes in class or slipping a note into someone’s locker.

No. Technologically, iOS is not open to filesystems, so a local syncStore is not accessible. A Bonjour connection will definitely work though.